Susanne Seeger

I was born and grew up in eastern Germany where my family and I experienced all aspects of a communistic and a controlling regime. Controlling just everything from what you were allowed to think to what you were allowed to eat and have to what your profession can be.

3 years of fighting for freedom…

So my parents thought about a way out and 3 years of fighting for freedom later we left eastern Germany shortly before the wall fell. I suddenly lived in a system I always wanted to be in but honestly, I was overwhelmed. I had no idea how different this new reality would be and I had to adapt to that new freedom. This freedom was always what I want to live and suddenly I had all those seemingly endless possibilities – now what ?!

Gosh it was so different… the illusion of “total freedom”!

Gosh it was so different from what I had ever expected and I struggled to find a place in this new system. Coming from a background of no freedom at all it all turned out so very different from what I thought it would be. Now being kind of right in a place of “total freedom” it turned out to so different than I expected to be. I realized that “total freedom” was an illusion because there were still lot of hidden agendas, limitations and things I still couldn’t do or achieve. It was just different!

And the same routine started again: I tried again to escape once more towards what I imagined would be “total freedom”. So I went to the United States, making a very successful career as an Executive Manager in 5 Star Luxury Hotels, being responsible for more than 2000 people.

On my way to my second Burn Out!

I was literally working day and night to support my career and it never dawned on me that this had nothing to do with freedom at all. Of course not, because I was in a hamster wheel. Does that rings any bells for you?

And no wonder I ended up with my second Burn Out. Which was when I eventually hit the wall in a way that I decided I have to change something about my life. I took a courageous decision, quit my job with no idea what I was going to do. But I knew that I needed a time out and I fully trusted that I would find answers once I left this hamster wheel.

That is how I build my own business, supporting people to get out of the hamster wheel and do something meaningful with their life.

How can I support you?

If this resonates with your own experiences don’t hesitate to contact me and make an appointment to find out where you are at and how I can support you.

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