Law of Attraction is kicking in


Sitting at home for two weeks now listening to myself and my family from all over the world I finally reached out for help. Utilizing a new connection I have made just three month before resigning. I was blessed with an recommendation that changed my life forever.

Like send by beautiful Angels my coach, mentor and healer stepped into my life. The way we connected from the first email to the calls was astonishing but not entirely new to me. Have you ever been in a situation where you just know that it was meant to be? It all just fits together so well like puzzle pieces?

I’ve experienced something similar yet different in regards to my career. I just knew I will always find a job. Anyway I was happy, excited and scared at the same time. Where would it all lead me to I was wondering. My first signs of LOA arrived in the beautiful presence and manifestation of my personal business coach and travel companion for the times to come.

To be continued…….. next week:

“Working with a coach”


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