Rebellion of the Heart


How I changed my life!

You work day in day out many hours over and over again. Your body feels by now more like a machine that follows set routines and habits, happy moments got rare with the past years.

Does that sound in a way familiar to you? Have you ever wondered how much longer you can take this route and yearn for helping change?

I just did THAT!

I was working very hard 16h work days 7 days a week was normal and expected. One day in September though I realized something needs to change, that I can not take it any longer.

My health was deteriorating and the demands of performing were at it’s high. My life was all about work giving everything I got for some recognition in return always on the search for bigger challenges to prove myself. I was awarded, transferred and promoted and climbed the career ladder you name it I lived for it.

It got me far but the price was high and the bill was delivered on this beautiful month of September. I was put down by the doctor saying only rest will help. Confined 3 days to bed I had plenty of time to think, no where to run, no calls to take just contemplating the question why am I doing this to myself…

Caught your interest, want to learn more about my life changing story……stay tune for next weeks post!

“My Leap of Faith”

This post is also available in: German

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